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Meet new MTVph Buddies Markus Paterson and Jodie Tarasek for MTV Fuel Season 2

The MTV Fuel Season 2 premieres on April 14, Saturday at 8 PM

The new season of MTV Fuel gets more exciting as new MTVph Buddies are set to debut on the show’s season 2 pilot episode this Saturday. We gatecrashed the set of MTV Fuel to get a little up-close and personal with Markus Paterson and Jodie Tarasek in between takes. Read on to know more about our new MTVph Buddies!


MTVph: Hello, Markus and Jodie! Welcome to MTVph! How does the title “MTV Buddy” appeal to you and has it sunk in yet?

Markus: Well, the title ‘MTV Buddy’ is very appealing to me because I like having friends and being an MTV Buddy, I just feel open and warm to everyone especially to my co-host and partner, Jodie Tarasek. You know, right?

Jodie: Thank you, Markus. I’m extremely touched. Yeah, MTV Buddy is such an awesome title, it makes you feel nice, warm, and fuzzy inside. I think that everyone here is [a] buddy—like the crew, my co-host, and everyone here playing the part. So, it’s super exciting and I don’t think it sank in yet, probably not until the first episode launches, but yeah, it will kick in soon!


MTVph: How does it feel to be introduced as new MTV Buddies and how do you plan to rock it?

J: It feels great! It’s cool that I get to work with a close, good friend of mine! It’s better when you’re working with someone you’re close with and how we rock it, I mean, we bring a whole different persona to the show and hopefully we can showcase more talent that Philippines has to offer. You know, if we ever can get to meet international talents  as well, that would be awesome.

M: Well yeah, it feels great! It’s a huge thing for me, being a musician. I’ve always watched MTV growing up, so being part of MTV now, it’s just like a tick off my childhood bucket list, you know? It’s great working with Jodie sometimes—most of the time, never, but it’s great!


MTVph: What are your expectations with your new role as MTV Buddy?               

M: Money? (laughs) I expect to grow as a host because this is the first time I’m hosting a music lifestyle show. It’s good for me [since] I have never done it before but it seems exciting and I love music. It’s great, it’s really fun and spontaneous.

J: Yeah, I agree. I think there’s a lot of personal growth that we would expect not just within ourselves, but we’re also excited to meet lots of artists, and lots of people in the industry. I’m sure we’ve got a lot to learn about the industry and the music.

M: Especially you.

J: Yeah, especially me, because we’re expecting a whole bunch of new experiences!                                                                                                                                                     

MTVph: Tell us about the new season of MTV Fuel. What can we look forward to this season?

M: MTV Fuel is the channel’s flagship local show hosted by Jodie and me, and we plan to ignite the youth’s passion for pop culture, with music at its core.

J: It’s a music, lifestyle, and subculture-driven show and we hope to really showcase some local talents and artists and really put them on the spotlight for Filipinos to see.


MTVph: So, how’s the experience for the first day of shooting [for MTV Fuel Season 2]?

M: I hated it, because Jodie was just completely, you know, a mess. Nightmare.

J: The worst. I didn’t sign up for this.


MTVph: But, seriously?

J: Seriously, it’s been fun. I think it’s good when you work with some people who all have a great attitude, and you all bounce up with each other. I guess at the end of the day, we can look back on our day and say, “We work with great people!”, “We had a great day!” so I’m looking forward to the rest of the season that we can film.

M: Yeah, the whole day was just packed with fun, you know, hosting this is learning more about music. This is also a great way to learn more about music and for me, I find that so fun, just like today, like a dream come true.


MTVph: Who would you pick for an interview with any local artist?

M: IV of spades. Definitely.

J: I really love their style, and their music is incredible.

M: It’s crazy. They’re young, too, so much talent on a young age. Lodi!

J: Petmalu! They’re really admirable, like super admirable, so sana one day we get to meet them.

M: MTVph, please make it happen!

J: Oh, my birthday is coming up! (laughs) Not really, it’s on October.

M: Mine’s coming up [this] June.

J: No one cares.

M: Okay.

We surely can’t get enough of this wacky duo! Don’t miss the premiere of MTV Fuel Season 2 on April 14, Saturday at 8 PM. Join the conversation at #MTVph and MTVBuddies.

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